Nov. 5, 4-7 pm-Fox Valley PTS Fundraiser

Fox Valley PTS (Path to Success) Fundraiser – Nov. 5th, 4 to 7 pm
An organization to help Dundee Crown underprivileged kids in Education and Life.
$10 pre-sale or $15 at the door
Includes: Food, FREE pool, DJ Wily and a chance to win a Kindle Fire!
Can’t make it – buy a ticket to support this great organization!

Bikini Bottom Bar & Grill Logo Contest

We are changing our venue and name to “Bikini Bottom Bar & Grill” and need your help in designing our new logo by entering our contest!

Entries: must be handed in by November 15th, midnight, to any of our bartenders to be eligible. All entries will be on display and a winner will be announced during our Grand Opening Weekend November 18, 19 & 20.

$100 prize and original artwork to be displayed for all to see!

Rules: Must be 8” x 10”, larger or PDF format. Must include the name “Bikini Bottom Bar & Grill”, be an original, creative, colorful logo that will be easily reproduced on promotional items for Bikini Bottom Bar & Grill. Entries may not include any of the characters from the SpongeBob cartoon/movie. Winners artwork will become the right and sole property of Bikini Bottom Bar & Grill.

West Dundee response to the Blind Side

Good morning, Randy,

Sounds like a good cause. Best of luck to you and them in making a difference in these young lives.

With respect to the Kindle raffle – Is it a raffle for which tickets must be purchased or a donation is required? Or is it a drawing for which all are eligible, no purchase necessary? If it is a raffle, you must get a Raffle License from the Village.

There is a very simple Raffle License application, which I’ve attached. You can email it back to me or drop it off at Village Hall. If you get it submitted over the weekend, I can get it turned around for you early next week. We’re open until 4:30 today, and also have a drop box out front by the downstairs / handicapped entrance.

Kim Tibbetts  
Executive Secretary, Village Hall
Village of West Dundee  |  102 South Second Street  |  West Dundee, IL 60118
Phone (847) 551-3800  |  Fax (847) 551-3809
Click here to join the West Dundee e-mail Newslist


The Blind Side here in the Fox Valley

Two years ago there was a Oscar winning movie called the Blind Side, staring Sandra Bullock. The movie was based on a true story of Michael Oher an NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens. The reason this movie touch so many hearts was the way the Tuohy family invited this young homeless man into their house and family. The family guided Michael thru high school and college with Michael getting an NFL contract.

I want to let you know that a somewhat similar story is happening right here in the Dundee area.

Three friends of mine have started a non profit called Fox Valley PTS Club, Mike Wood ( coach Mike ), Jeff Seiler and Ed Krnak to help a group of about ten 7th graders navigate their future.

My three friends may not have opened their homes, but they have opened their hearts to these young men and have made a commitment to make a difference in their lives.

The story started a few years ago when Coach Mike agreed to coach basketball to some 6th graders as a feeder team to Dundee Crown High School.

I have attended a couple of games noticed a few differences from my son’s basketball games. Very few parents of these young men attended the games, the opposite of my son’s games.

I all also tell you that these young men have made a change in my three friends. Coach Mike, a good ole boy from Missouri, has taken these young men under his wing and it has made a great change and influence on his life. Nothing would make Mike happier to see these young men graduate college and have a good career.

It’s a sight to see Coach Mike with 7 players in his Nissen Rogue.

Jeff is the quiet one (hard to believe) doing the stats and driving the players around in his mini van. In case you don’t know, Jeff is a Harley man and looks and lives the part.

Ed Krnak is from Bartlett and lives only a couple blocks from me. Ed is a great guy, he is the behind the scenes guy who will give great guidance in this adventure.

So why am I telling you all this?

On November 5 there will be an initial fundraiser at Hammerheads to help get this venture off the ground and I need your help.

I am asking that you purchase a ticket for $10 to attend this fundraiser. What will you get:

Soup and Sandwich

DJ entertainment

Free pool

Meet Coach Mike, Jeff and Ed


For the hardened jaded among you, a chance for a raffle prize of a new KINDLE FIRE, one of the hottest products out there.

I am also going to ask you to do something else, try to attend a few games this season, let these young men know that someone cares, that someone is looking out for them.

This will also keep Coach Mike, Jeff and Ed motivated.

If you like what you see, hopefully you can support them as they move forward on this journey. Give what moves you from the heart.

And finally, say a prayer to look over them.

Randy Errington